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For anyone out there who thinks painting the exterior of a home or commercial building is the same process as Grapevine TX painting the interior, we are here to set a few things straight. Grapevine TX exterior painter you Painter Grapevine TXhire has a big task ahead of him and it’s important that there are no costly mistakes made.  When you are going over the services available to you with the contractor, there are few points to keep in mind that will help make the decision easier.

Even a brand new building or home has simple cues that you and the Grapevine TX painter can pick up on for inspiration. The three components of an exterior paint job are the field, trim, and accent.

If you know what these three terms mean, you will easily be able to communicate your needs and priorities with the Grapevine TX exterior painter & interior painter Grapevine TX you have contracted.

Field – large areas such as walls or roofs
Trim – corner boards, window trim, fascia, soffits
Accents – specific elements including doors, shutters, and any customized architectural features

Finally, once those factors are taken into consideration, it is time to choose the color scheme. Many professional Grapevine TX home painters will have pre-selected color palettes that they will offer.  If for some reason there are none you care for,  it is fairly easy to make up a customized palette. Of course with every customization there comes a cost.

Whatever your decision, never feel like you have to sacrifice character and charm for price. With help from an experienced painting contractor Grapevine TX exterior painter, you can make the first impression you want to make whilePainting Contractor Grapevine TX improving you curb appeal and increasing the property value all at the same time.

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